Why Fly Aloft

In a word, experience. I began my career in aviation over thirty years ago and have accumulated thousands of hours in dozens of different types of aircraft. This direct experience has provided me with the knowledge needed to precisely pair my client's needs with the best possible charter options available in the marketplace. We are pilots providing a quality brokerage service, not brokers simply looking to make the sale.

Eric Drugge, founder Aloft Aviation

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Safety and Accountability

Charter providers and aircraft are selected with safety as our primary concern and only the highest independently-rated carriers fly our clients. We utilize a small, stable network of quality operators who have consistently provided years of excellent service for our clients. Nothing less than your complete satisfaction is the standard we hold ourselves to.

Window or Aisle? Choose both...

We've all been there – the middle seat on a long, uncomfortable airline flight. Private aviation means not having to choose from several undesirable options. Sit where you like, stretch out, explore the cabin, enjoy a cocktail or simply relax – without anyone climbing over you to get to the lavatory or reclining their seat into your lap.

Efficient and Convenient

It is no secret that private travel is an easy, efficient process but in these uncertain times the experience carries an even greater value. Planeside transportation, clean private FBO facilities and none of the health risks associated with security lines and crowded jetways makes for safe, stressless travel. And you don't have to remove your shoes!

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